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  • Guidance support for higher education in india & abroad
  • Sustainability In The Textile Industry
  • Technical Textiles: Quo Vadis?
  • Celebrating 34th Founders Day On 24th May 2022 at IIT Delhi Campus
  • Meeting of Patrons and EC Members to take place on 12th November 2021
  • NISTI EC meeting to take place on 30th May 2021 (ONLINE)
  • NISTI AGM 2021 (ONLINE) on 24th May 2021
  • TI AGM 2020 on 25th June 2020
  • MOU between NISTI & TIT&S Bhiwani extended
  • NISTI Executive Council Members Mr Vijay Kaul and Mr Prabhunath Pandey delivered their lectures at TIT&S Bhiwani on 22nd October 2019
  • About NISTI

    NORTH INDIA SECTION OF TEXTILE INSTITUTE (NISTI) was established 1989 under the leadership of two of the finest textile institutional leaders at the time in the personalities of (late) Dr N M Swani, then Director of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and former Head of the Department of Textile Technology of the Institute and (late) Dr J K Nigam, then Director of Shriram Institute of Industrial Research, Delhi, with able support of Prof V K Kothari and Prof  D S Verma of IIT Delhi, and such others as Mr H P Gupta from Birla Group, Dr K C Tapadar, CMD of then Porritts and Spencers (Asia) Ltd (now called Voith Paper Fabrics India Ltd), Prof R C D Kaushik, Director of Technological Institute of Textiles and Sciences, Bhiwani, Mr H C Jain from DCM, Mr Y N Mallah from Poritts and Spencers, and Mr H C Chaturvedi, Managing Director of Shamken Ltd.

    All of the pioneering founders were highly respected in TI as well as India’s textile professional circles. NISTI was formally inaugurated on 24 May, 1989 at a well-attended ceremony held at the campus of IIT Delhi. (Late) Mr R M Goodall, Past President of TI and Chairman of Scapa Group PLC UK graced the ceremony. Shortly, thereafter, (late) Dr J K Nigam was installed as the Founding President of NISTI.

    NISTI has always enjoyed the largest membership of Textile Institute within the country. Its organic growth was fuelled by regular professional activities engaging both members and outsiders, especially its  periodic international conferences.   Read more…………

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    Facilitation of knowledge enrichment and skill upgradation through T&D of manpower in manufacturing industry.

    Recognition to industries by sponsoring Indian companies for TI Awards.

    Specialist advice and vision-building enablement in owner/industry associations through participation in committees.

    Policy advice and direction to government and regulatory authorities through participation in special focus groups and committees.

    Publishing to enrich, invigorate, disseminate advances and emerging frontiers by dissemination of R&D outcomes.

    Relationship building with professional bodies that have shared interests…….


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