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🌐 *Webinar Recap:* Immerse yourself in the AI revolution in textiles with key insights from Dr. Vijay Gotmare, a distinguished expert in textile education and research. Discover the highlights of the NISTI webinar on leveraging AI for 3D fabric creation!

📆 *Date:* 20th Jan 2024

🎙️ *Key Takeaways:*
– Dr. Gotmare on AI’s transformative impact on efficiency, creativity, and business growth
– Digital tech in fashion: Valuable insights into Competitor Design and 3D modeling
– Virtual & Augmented Reality in textiles: Revolutionizing design and sampling
– Post-pandemic digitization: Harnessing AI cloud for 3D materials
– Swift fabric sourcing: Reducing sourcing time from 3-5 months to just 3 days

🗣️ *Expert Insights:*
Professor Dr. Kushal Sen highlighted the significance of digitization, AI challenges, and its potential in fabric and yarn making. Discussions emphasized the crucial role of students in adapting to these technological innovations.

🙏 *Acknowledgments:*
A moment of silence for Ms. Rebecca Price, acknowledged by Dr. Vinod Shanbhag. Dr. RA Lal introduced the agenda, and Dr. Vijay Yadav, contributed insights into the growth of NISTI and its mission. Mr. AN Bajpai delivered a heartfelt Vote of Thanks.

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